Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Does Anyone Vote for Trump?

Nyall from Baltimore: Jon or Eric, can you explain to me why anyone votes for Trump?

Jon: If you don't like Trump, the Media and politicians are to blame for his rise and dominance. 

Resources are scarce, the world is competitive, and, unfortunately, selfish and dishonest people too often get ahead. Even information and education are scarce and access is controlled by people who don't necessarily want the average person to get ahead. So, we are left with a lot of unnecessary confusion and disagreement in the world, and I think dishonest people in the Media and in politics (who think they are smarter than they really are) try to justify their own complicity and corruption by convincing themselves that the public is stupid, dangerous or out of control. It makes them feel better about controlling and distorting information, etc. But, I think it's all much simpler. I don't think the public is out of control and needs to be controlled. Instead, corrupt leaders need to do more to help people instead of focusing on themselves. If we weren't lied to so much, people wouldn't be acting so crazy and be so angry. People are sick of politicians and Trump is capitalizing on that.

Here's an article by John Pilger,  an honest journalist, who explains the reality and magnitude of the problem:

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